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4-Post Bridge Jacks

A rolling bridge jack is the only way to turn a four-post lift into a full-service car lift. Each frame-engaging jack lifts one-half of your car, and two will raise all four wheels off the runways. Wheel service becomes a cinch, and your BendPak might be the last lift you ever purchase for service and vehicle storage.

BendPak offers seven rolling bridge jack models that are designed to hold between 4,500 lbs. and 25,000 lbs. each. Each jack is placed on top of a four-post lift, so it can ​slide between the runways. It elevates the frame of your vehicle to permit access to the wheels. Bridge jacks help get the most out of your car lift and dramatically increase your service abilities. You’ll be able to change tires without sending your wheels across the street. Simply balance them on your own wheel balancer. If you purchased an alignment lift and wheel aligner, you can perform full alignment services after returning fresh, balanced tires and wheels to the car. By not having to change lifts, you revolutionize your workflow with greater efficiency, and ultimately, more profit.